Why Violence Evasion?

When developing LIVE: Lessons In Violence Evasion™ we determined the specific criteria any women’s program must have if it is to provide the greatest chance of success for the largest percentage of the female population.

  • The goal of the system has to be to escape and survive, not fight an opponent in battle. 
  • The system has to utilize women’s natural body movements instead of being a watered down version of something designed for men. 
  • The system must be something that women are willing to do. 
  • The system must not be reliant on the use of a weapon. 
  • The system must teach principles that hold true in any attack of violence.  
  • The system must be taught in a way that does not rely on memorization. 
  • The system should be presented in a way that understands the true nature of violence against women, that it’s generally perpetrated by someone they know.

LIVE is unique in many ways. Unlike most everything available LIVE is a true blending of science, martial arts concepts and personal experience with violence. 

Attacks from actual stories, experiences and crime statistics were reenacted. Theresa was put through the situation as close to real as possible to see how she would react and which concepts she was capable of using. In the beginning, these sessions were mentally and emotionally extremely painful for Theresa...and as she got better, quite often physically painful for Dennis.

We did the hard work to figure out what works so you don't have to. To be sure, we took it a step further.

The principles from these sessions were tested over a two-year period in developmental seminars with hundreds of women interviewing them afterward. From the interviews and comments made during the seminars an answer emerged. The answer for the majority of women is not what is currently known as self defense but a new direction we call violence evasion.

LIVE is designed to be fun and powerful, it is not mentally, emotionally or physically taxing. It is full of games and laughter, teaching you the amazing ability you have within you to be free.

Stop playing by men’s rules, let go of fear and discover your natural ability to evade and escape violence:

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