LIVE: Lessons In Violence Evasion

Evasion, escape, and life lessons from the female Ninja of ancient Japan, adapted and delivered with cutting-edge science to meet the needs of modern women.


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Your ability to survive a violent situation doesn't come from fighting like a man. It comes from finding open space within the attack and escaping to safety.

“In the 30 years since my attack, I’ve never found a course that made sense. Until now.” -Tammy J

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You're not a guy.

Stop fighting like one! LIVE: Lessons In Violence Evasion is an alternative to the punch-kick women’s self-defense programs you've seen before. LIVE is not fighting. It's evading and escaping so you're not forced to fight like a man, because you're not a guy, and you shouldn't have to act like one. Instead of punching and kicking, LIVE offers a more elegant and effective solution.

Feeling, not thinking.

Evading violence doesn't happen in your head. It happens in your body. That’s why LIVE was designed to be experiential learning. Your natural gut feelings can save you when your thoughts shut down. Our training uses principles and laws of nature, like instinct and gravity, to escape violence. These ideas are presented through games and exercises that often don’t look like they have anything to do with escaping a violent situation. The feelings created by this experiential process transmit directly to your body, and make it more likely that you'll remember the principles in a potentially threatening situation.

Laughter and learning.

We're serious about your safety. And we also know you'll learn better, and remember more, when the material you're learning is fun! Science shows that when you're engaged and having a good time, your brain processes and retains information faster and longer. LIVE is presented through entertaining, fun-to-do games; we intentionally designed it that way, so you get the most out of the material and retain what you've learned in potentially vulnerable situations.


Two decades, thousands of women.

LIVE was created from four years of intensive, exhaustive research and development. Since then, we've spent 20 years successfully teaching thousands of women how to escape and evade violence. LIVE seminars have been taught at businesses, schools, colleges, crisis centers and our training location in New Hampshire. The in-person seminar format was the only available option for learning LIVE - until now.

Learn LIVE online.

Using advancements in neuroscience that enhance comprehension, and improvements in digital technology that increase accessibility we have now made LIVE available online! That means you can learn the same materials, processes and games at your convenience. Our online program makes the life-saving lessons of LIVE available to women of all ages, without costly and time-consuming travel, and at a fraction of the price of other programs. Whether it's for your university or organization, a group of your friends, or just you, learning how to escape and evade violence has never been more accessible.

Learn LIVE now - and bring a friend!

The games and activities we use to teach LIVE work best with a partner - and doing it with a friend is more fun! That's why we're asking you to bring a buddy, for free. - For a limited time when you purchase LIVE Online, we'll send you a single-use coupon code you can share with a friend, at no extra charge. Get in now, before time runs out!









Learn To LIVE Safe

Lessons In Violence Evasion can help you discover your natural ability to evade and escape violence. Let the female ninja of ancient Japan and science lead you to a safe and happy life.



Lessons In Violence Evasion

  • Lifetime access to LIVE Online lessons.
  • The three main principles of evasion and escape that apply to any situation.
  • Fifteen different LIVE games to play any time, at your convenience.
  • How LIVE applies to the most common, potentially volatile situations women face.
  • The opportunity to join LIVE Training Community with Theresa and Dennis.